Preparing for


in Mainland China & Taiwan

As students in the Chinese Language Flagship Program prepare for study abroad, including their Capstone year, they may find these interactive short texts about Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese culture and society useful. A wide range of topics from what to pack to how to buy a cell phone or handle interactions in public is included. Click on a tile below to start learning what to expect as you prepare for study in these Chinese-speaking regions. Each interactive booklet begins with a table of useful words related to the topic.

Fresh Water Cloud Gate Theat

Travel & Settling In

Explore the basics about packing and traveling, taking public transport, obtaining medical services, and getting set up with banking, a cell phone, and essential smartphone apps. 

authentic materials

Social & Linguistic Diversity

Learn about how language varies within Mainland China and Taiwan as well as across the Taiwan Strait. Gain insight into ethnic diversity.


Fresh Water Cloud Gate Theater grounds in Taiwan

Nations, Regions, Societies

Survey essential knowledge about the history, politics, religion, demographics, sociology, education, environment, cultural products, and family structures of Mainland China and Taiwan. 

Fresh Water Cloud Gate Theater grounds in Taiwan

Personal Interactions

Get some guidelines regarding social taboos and expected behaviors as a guest in Taiwan and Mainland China. 

For more learning about cultural perspectives in Chinese-speaking communities such as Mainland China and Taiwan, visit the Culture App.


Principal Investigator: Yea-Fen Chen

Committee Members: 
Jianhua Bai, Kenyon College
Yingling Bao, Indiana University
Der-lin Chao, Hunter College
Charles Egan, San Francisco State University
Tiao-Guan Huang, Taiwan Normal University
Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, University of Oregon
Neeli Kasdorf
Mingying Li, Hunter College
Jianling Liao, Arizona State University
Xiaoying Liles, Indiana University
Tianyu Qin, University of North Georgia
Julio Rodriguez, University of Hawai‘i
Madeline K. Spring, University of Hawai‘i
Stephen L. Tschudi

Project Coordinators:
Neeli Kasdorf (IU Chinese Flagship alum)
Drew Kunard (IU Chinese Flagship alum)

Special thanks to:
Ying-Ju Chen 
Andrew Fluegel (IU Chinese Flagship alum)
Yuhshi Lee, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Adam Molon (IU Chinese Flagship alum)

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