AMPLIFY: A professional learning resource aggregator
AMPLIFY: A professional learning resource aggregator


Online modules based on intercultural scenarios

The Culture App is a series of online modules based on intercultural scenarios for U.S. undergraduate students of Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian or Urdu. The Culture App modules were designed for use in domestic Language Flagship programs prior to Flagship students’ capstone year overseas. They can be used prior to a sojourn abroad or with other students in domestic courses focused on intercultural learning.

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Teaching Toward Professional Level Presentational Skills

AMPLIFY: A professional learning resource aggregator

AMPLIFY is a professional learning resource aggregator designed for participating institutions to share professional learning resources and events in world language education and related fields.

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LaunchPad, sponsored by ACTFL and the Tech Center

PILOT a technology tool. OUR TREAT.

We invite Flagship programs to submit a plan for piloting blended learning solutions for instructional challenges.


Transform Your Teaching

If you have experience implementing blended learning, consider serving as a mentor in this program. If you are a less-experienced practitioner looking for support and guidance as you plan and deliver blended learning experiences, you might consider joining as a mentee. Read below for more details! 

Harvard University

March 17-18, 2023

Technology Innovation Center

Blueprint for Success

Blended Learning Tools & Initiatives

The Tech Center is engaged in the exploration of blended learning as a means to enhance language acquisition processes. Several Tech Center programs and activities support this exploration, including a series of events informed by design thinking as well as activities geared toward field implementations of blended learning. The latter type of activity includes: 1) the creation of Blended Learning Pilots to test the effectiveness and feasibility of blended learning solutions to instructional challenges; 2) the creation of Blended Learning Mentoring Program to enhance the capacity of the Language Flagship faculty to design and implement blended learning experiences; 3) the collaboration with the Arabic Language Flagship program at the University of Arizona to develop and pilot a shareable online course focusing on the Moroccan dialect. Continue reading…

Moroccan Arabic Courses

Model Blended Learning Course

Modular courses designed for Flagship students to improve their proficiency and cultural knowledge in Moroccan Arabic (Darija). A collaboration with the Arabic Language Flagship program at the University of Arizona. Although designed for blended learning experiences, the courses may also be used as standalone credit courses or in various other contexts, such as tutoring sessions or as part of other courses.

Blended Learning Essentials

Blended Learning Essentials

A collection of lessons meant as a primer for world language instructors interested in this topic. This series was designed by Tech Center faculty in collaboration with World Language professionals who have national recognition and are experienced in the design or implementation of blended learning in the context of World Language education.

russian for professionals

Blended Learning for Russian

Blended Learning for Russian comprises several blended learning experiences designed by the Tech Center in collaboration with Language Flagship programs. These experiences leverage technology in innovative ways to create opportunities to learn about language and culture in contexts of interest to Flagship programs.

Tech Center Toolkit

Tools for Blended Learning

The Tech Center TOOLKIT  is a collection of technology tools being used by Flagship students and instructors. The tools in this collection were identified through a survey of Language Flagship Programs or else submitted for recommendation directly by Flagship students or instructors.

green ideas chinese

Green Ideas - Chinese

In the context of an international corporation, Green Ideas, Inc., language learning is personalized to target learners’ professional interests and needs. This project models how existing resources can be leveraged to create blended learning experiences across institutions for students in the Language Flagship Program.

green ideas korean

Green Ideas - Korean

The Korean Green Ideas simulated experience is designed with consideration of specific business practices and cultural norms in Korea. The job application process is followed by an Onboarding Training phase, which is designed to help new international employees better understand Korean business culture and its unique linguistic landscape.

Ignite Green Ideas

Ignite Green Ideas

A public event that wraps up a semester of work on public speaking and Korean language for professionals. This event is embedded within the Green Ideas simulation for Korean Language for Professionals. After a simulated job application process, simulation participants complete onboarding training required to all company employees.

Blended Learning Pilots

Blended Learning Pilots

Once a year, the Tech Center invites Flagship programs and instructors to submit a plan to test the effectiveness and feasibility of a blended learning tool. Most of the technologies that are piloted in this program are discovered through the LaunchPad event.

Innovation Webcasts

Browse this collection to garner ideas from Language Flagship faculty, language centers, private-sector entrepreneurs, and other partners in the Language Flagship’s community of practice.

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