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culture app


The The Culture App is a series of online modules based on intercultural scenarios for U.S. undergraduate students of Arabic, Portuguese or Russian. The Culture App modules were designed for use in domestic Language Flagship programs prior to Flagship students’ capstone year overseas. They can be used with any students of Arabic, Portuguese or Russian prior to a sojourn abroad or with other students in domestic courses focused on intercultural learning.

Video Showcase

Flagship Video Showcase

Launched in 2018, the video project is now an integrated component in the Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian Overseas Capstone Programs. Over the course of the second semester, capstone students research and prepare a 20-minute oral presentation on a topic of professional or academic interest for delivery in a conference setting (usually the focus is the internship).

Moroccan Arabic Courses

Model Blended Learning Course

Modular courses designed for Flagship students to improve their proficiency and cultural knowledge in Moroccan Arabic (Darija). A collaboration with the Arabic Language Flagship program at the University of Arizona. Although designed for blended learning experiences, the courses may also be used as standalone credit courses or in various other contexts, such as tutoring sessions or as part of other courses.

STAR App for Russian


Steps to Advanced Reading is a free mobile-friendly web application that helps students learning to read authentic non-fiction texts in Russian. Texts range from short announcements to longer news items and cover topics like news, biography, economics, history, international relations, culture, society and sports.

Podcast discovery

Podcast Discovery

This system currently has curated podcasts in Russian and Chinese from multiple sources and extracted topics and summaries. Students can search the system for topics of interest; for example, STEM students can search for “biology or “chemistry.” Then they can use the keywords or summary to narrow down their search results and find a podcast that interests them.

preparing to study abroad

Preparing for Study Abroad in Mainland China or Taiwan

As students in the Chinese Language Flagship Program prepare for study abroad, including their Capstone year, they may find these interactive short texts about Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese culture and society useful. A wide range of topics from what to pack to how to buy a cell phone or handle interactions in public is included.

video modules - teaching toward professional level presentational skills

Teaching Toward Professional Level Presentational Skills

These professional development modules were designed to help language teachers build a repertoire of strategies to teach presentational skills. They provide background knowledge on presentational mode with a focus on advanced level skills. Particular strategies to teach these skills in Arabic, Chinese and Russian are considered.

Ignite Green Ideas

Ignite Green Ideas Korean

A public event that wraps up a semester of work on public speaking and Korean language for professionals. This event is embedded within the Green Ideas simulation for Korean Language for Professionals. Follow the links to view how pre-capstone Korean Flagship students deliver an engaging speech on sustainability through the lens of their own professional and personal interests (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).

Russian rock group Kino

Russian Culture through Games

The Tech Center hosted an online trivia game for students in Russian Flagship programs as a way for them to learn about a cultural aspect that is not always taught in the traditional classroom: Russian underground rock music in Leningrad in the 1980s. As preparation, students completed these activities to dive into the world of classic Russian rock.

green ideas chinese

Green Ideas - Chinese

Green Ideas, Inc. is a simulated job hunting experience that fosters Chinese Flagship students’ growth in professional language skills and intercultural competence. Near the end of the simulation, these self-paced onboarding training modules orient students to important aspects of workplace culture.

Professional Learning Resources

Blended Learning Essentials

Blended Learning Essentials

A collection of lessons meant as a primer for world language instructors interested in this topic. This series was designed by Tech Center faculty in collaboration with World Language professionals who have national recognition and who are experienced in the design or implementation of blended learning in the context of World Language education.

flagship resources for tutoring

Resources for Tutoring

A multi-institutional working group, organized by the Tech Center, published these resources providing a broad overview of aspects of language acquisition relevant to tutoring situations, in order to facilitate professional development for Flagship tutors, with attention to the integration of technology in or between tutoring sessions

Flagship Exchange

Flagship Exchange Resources

The Flagship Exchange program consists of panels, presentations, and focus groups on topics of interest to the Flagship community. The notes from each panel are available for reference, and presentation recordings are housed in the Tech Center’s Innovation Webcasts site. The results of the focus groups will be coalesced into a series of guidelines for implementation that will be shared with the Flagship community.

Innovation Webcasts

Innovation Webcasts

Ideas for the implementation of technologies in language teaching and learning, with a special focus on sharing what works in Language Flagship programs. Browse this collection to garner ideas from Language Flagship faculty, language center personnel, private-sector entrepreneurs, and other partners in the Language Flagship’s community of practice.

Tech Center Toolkit

Tools for Blended Learning

The Tech Center TOOLKIT  is a collection of technology tools being used by Flagship students and instructors. The tools in this collection were identified through a survey of Language Flagship Programs or else submitted for recommendation directly by Flagship students or instructors.

AMPLIFY: A professional learning resource aggregator


AMPLIFY is a web application that provides a means for language centers to share professional learning resources for language teachers in higher education. The goal of AMPLIFY is to allow participating institutions to open existing events to a broader audience, and share institutional expertise in areas of common interest.

Ignite Green Ideas


ConnecTalks is a collaboration between the Tech Center, ACTFL, and several Title VI Language Resource Centers.  It showcases brief, 25-minute talks, featuring speakers with fascinating, fresh viewpoints illuminating how language connects to cutting-edge work in psychology, information technology, and a host of other fields, which will spark your imagination and invigorate your teaching.

View of the campus of the University of Rhode Island

Thematic Units for Advanced Chinese

Sample Chinese language teaching materials in the form of thematic unit designs produced by participants in the one-week Flagship Chinese Pedagogy Workshop at the University of Rhode Island in Summer 2021. Designed for use in classrooms at Intermediate High or above.

Community Resources

Social Media Dashboard

Flagship Media Dashboard

The Flagship programs are all very active with events and resources, and they use social media to share information on their upcoming activities. This page collects social media posts from the different Flagship programs and houses it all on one page.

Blueprint for success

Blueprint for Success

The Blueprint for Success presents the guiding principles for technology integration as defined through multiple symposia and outreach initiatives.

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