Moving Forward

The Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center invites Language Flagship directors, coordinators, and teachers to participate in open panel discussions whose goal is to identify and share pedagogical practices that have potential to enhance The Language Flagship experience. The panels also consider practices that emerged or became common during the pandemic, and whether their continuation may help enhance the Flagship experience in a post-pandemic world. This conversation will provide an opportunity to learn from each other and identify practices that may be extended across programs and institutions.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 3pm EST

2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST

This panel will focus on practices that are primarily related to tutoring, including managing tutoring sessions and student and tutor preparation. We will consider questions such as:

  • Did the structure of tutoring sessions change at all during the pandemic, and if so, how?
  • How if at all do you prepare students for tutoring? Do they receive any type of orientation about how to use the tutors?
  • How was student progress tracked during online tutoring sessions?
  • How did the supervision of tutors and tutoring sessions change for the online format?
  • How did you arrive at the tutoring model that you have now? Did you try any other ones?
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Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 2:30pm EST

1:30pm CST | 12:30pm MST | 11:30am PST

This panel will focus on multi-institutional collaborations, particularly those that are well suited to Flagship programs. We will consider questions such as:

  • How can multi-institutional collaborations enhance the Flagship tutoring experience?
  • How can multi-institutional collaborations create opportunities for Flagship students to acquire professional language skills?
  • What kind of multi-institutional research projects may help inform or enhance the Flagship experience?
  • How can the Tech Center or technology support or facilitate multi-institutional collaborations?

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Professional language

Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 3pm EST

2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST

This panel will focus on the question of professional language, such as how to include it in the curriculum and what challenges students and instructors may face. We will consider questions such as:

  • What are some ways your program incorporates professional language into the curriculum?
  • What have been some successful activities or practices in relation to professional language acquisition that your program implemented that you think worked very well?
  • What are some of the challenges of integrating professional language in the curriculum and how does/did your program address them?
  • How does your program use technology to help students gain access to professional language?
  • How is tutoring integrated into the teaching/practicing of professional language use?
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Panel 1

Wednesday, July 14, 3pm EDT

2pm CDT | 1pm MDT | 12pm PDT

This panel will focus on practices that are primarily related to interactions between learners and teachers, and between learners and content or materials. We will consider questions such as:

  • What changes in your teaching practices were prompted by the pandemic?
  • How did you monitor student understanding and provide feedback?
  • What changes did you make in the way you select or use materials?
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Panel 2

Wednesday, July 21, 3pm EDT

2pm CDT | 1pm MDT | 12pm PDT

The second panel will focus on practices that are associated with interactions among learners and with the larger target language community. We will consider questions such as:

  • What strategies for learner engagement did you use or discover?
  • What resources have you found to connect learners with other learners or target language speakers?
  • What type of activities did you implement that engaged the TL community?
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Panel 3

Wednesday, August 25, 3pm EDT

2pm CDT | 1pm MDT | 12pm PDT

This panel will focus on the issues discussed in Panels 1 & 2, but from the perspective of Flagship students.

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