April 19-20, 2024

Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA

Hack the Language Flagship is an event optimized for discovery and creativity where Language Flagship students can propose technology-based solutions (“hacks”) that help drive innovation in language learning. This year’s Hackathon will give Flagship students the opportunity to propose innovative solutions to enhance the Flagship experience through AI.

Application submission deadline: February 15, 2024

Notification of participation: March 4, 2024

Programming or coding experience is NOT necessary to participate in the Hackathon.

Ready to apply?

The 2024 application for the sixth annual Hackathon is being launched exclusively via Flagship Connect! You can find the application link on the Timeline, or check out Hack the Language Flagship in the Collections tool.

Flagship students and alumni should log in to Flagship Connect and see the post about the Hackathon for the link to the application. If you do not have access to Flagship Connect, please contact your program’s coordinator.

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Our Guide to Technology Innovation

Tech Center Blueprint for Success

About “Hack The Language Flagship!”

“Hack The Language Flagship!” is an amazing opportunity to become involved with a group of like-minded peers who have original ideas and want to drive the language technology innovation agenda together. Imagine the possibility of changing the world of language education over one weekend!

The Flagship Hackathon is a fast-paced event optimized for discovery and creativity. Use your experience and seek advice from experts in the field of language technology to propose technology-based solutions (“hacks”) that may impact the future of language learning.

2024 Hackathon

The Tech Center will hold its 2024 Hackathon, Hack the Language Flagship, on April 19-20 on the campus of Virginia Tech University. The event is designed to engage Flagship students from across the United States in ideation of new technologies to support or enhance their language learning experience. Flagship students and alumni collaborate in teams to design and pitch their ideas. A winner is selected by a panel of experts in language learning.


You’ll learn something new.
This Hackathon event will give you an opportunity to develop skills and perspectives for problem solving and becoming an innovation leader. 
You’ll realize what you do know, and teach others about what you know.
You do not need to be an expert in technology to participate. Technology integration is complex. No matter what skills you have, you will always have something valuable to share with your team. Starting from the solutions that have been proposed for the hackathon, you will learn about other challenges that may be solved with technology and about issues involving language acquisition and technology.
You’ll create something new before you leave. Well, yes. It will most probably be a rough plan but it will also add a line to your résumé and will get you an electronic badge that proves you were there.
You’ll get to team problem-solve on real issues.
THIS can be an invaluable line to put on your résumé! We challenge you to find an employer that does not find this type of experience valuable.
An unforgettable experience.
An opportunity to develop and grow professionally.
A shot at changing the world of language learning!
How many of your Flagship colleagues have the chance to creatively apply their expertise, experiences, interests, and skills to find technology solutions for the Flagship? You’ll gain fame as “the one who took part in the Hackathon”!

You’ll meet many interesting, motivated people.
Who goes to hackathons, if not motivated people who think it’ll be fun to work intensively on building something for the common good?


You’ll make new friends.
Hackathons are fast-paced, collaborative competitions with unexpected challenges and changes. This makes for great bonding experiences with other Flagship peers.


You’ll grow.
Besides what you will learn about teamwork, you’ll also learn a lot about language and technology and many interdisciplinary connections just from interacting with team coaches and Tech Center faculty.

You’ll be made part of the Tech Center’s Student Advisory Council.
And you know what that means? You get to chart with us the future of technology in the Flagship. And yes, one more line to add to your résumé!


Did we convince you?



Community building

“Hack The Language Flagship!” is designed to build an energized community of student innovators and ideators across the Flagship community. As Hackathon participant, you automatically become a member of the Tech Center Student Advisory Council. As a board member, you will provide input and guidance on technology projects and initiatives that may have a direct impact on the Flagship community and Flagship students’ language learning endeavors.


A group of language technology experts will coach your team to take an idea from a creative spark to potential implementation in the Flagship program.  

Design Thinking

Using design thinking to guide co-creation and problem-solving, you will work on a team with fellow-Flagshippers to synergize your ideas for technology solutions that can enhance language learning and drive innovation in the Flagship community.


In individual challenges, you will get a chance to demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking, pushing yourself to new limits and skill-levels!

Pitch Training

Following a business model canvas, your team will learn the nuts and bolts of how to pitch your ideas for feedback and evaluation from our coaches.

Badges & Awards

Secure yourself a Hackathon badge for the skills you acquired in the competition and showcase the badge on your resume. And who knows… you may be in for other awards at “Hack The Language Flagship!”

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