10am Hawaii – 12pm Alaska – 1pm PDT – 2pm MDT – 3pm CDT – 4pm EDT

Duration: 30 mins

Presented by Jeff Magotto, Yamada Language Center Director, Oregon University. – 
Interactive video The use of interactive video has been gaining recognition as a compelling and worthwhile use of technology for language instruction. Some of the most important affordances include checking comprehension and providing feedback, and annotating or marking up videos to enhance focus and saliency. In this week’s webinar, we will delve more deeply into those affordances, paying attention to some of the options for differentiation and personalization that are available. This time our focus will be on a free, open source software tool for interactive video known as H5P (https://h5p.org/interactive-video). While it may have a slightly steeper learning curve than commercial software, its versatility and large user community make it a compelling choice for adoption by collaborative or consortium initiatives.

Webcasts Link: https://vimeo.com/297813158

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