A unique professional learning experience

Leveraging Technology for Richer Interactions

JUNE 13-17, 2023 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Registration DEADLINE

February 152023

OPEN TO LANGUAGE FLAGSHIP, PGO, LTC, & dliflc participants

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 Welcome to Madison!
JUNE 13-17

Experience Innovation

Join us in a unique 5-day professional learning experience that focuses on how to leverage interactive technologies in the design of engaging language learning experiences. 

This professional learning program is a collaboration with the Russian Language Flagship Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The program is designed to help participants gain expertise in applying a pedagogy-driven approach to the design of engaging language learning experiences which include interactions with authentic materials, peers, and communities. 


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Important Dates

June 12: Arrival Day
June 13-15: Bootcamp
June 16-17: Hackathon
June 17: Reflection



What to expect

This is a fast-paced event that includes three phases. If you are not already, you will become acquainted with interactive technologies that have gained ground in language instruction in the last few years, such as H5P, Twine, etc. Then you will use those technologies to design an interactive learning experience. And finally, you will have an opportunity to reflect on the experience, share with us your thoughts on implementation, and receive feedback. Click on each phase below to learn more: 


The first three days you will participate in a Boot Camp that provides a deep dive into interactive technologies such as H5P, Twine, VoiceThread and Class2Class. If you have already used these tools, we have you covered! You will get an opportunity to share your knowledge with other colleagues guided by Tech Center faculty. During the Boot Camp, you will not only learn how to use the tools, but also discover their affordances. Then you will put all together by designing tasks  that engage learners in interactions with authentic materials, other learners in and outside the classroom, and local and virtual communities.

Hackathon: time to innovate

This phase can be best described as a Teacher Hackathon that integrates the technologies presented in the Boot Camp. Get ready for one and a half day packed with creativity, technology, and learning amidst a friendly, yet ruthless, competition. May the team with the best learning experience design win!


This final phase entails a half-day of Focused Reflection and planning for future project adaptations. You will have an opportunity to imagine the implementation of your or another colleague or team’s idea and share your thoughts with the group. At this time, you will also receive feedback from other colleagues, including Tech Center faculty.

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Registration Deadline

February 152023

Contact Info

Dr. Angela Haeusler tech.center@hawaii.edu