10am Hawaii – 11 AM AKST – 12pm PST – 1pm MST – 2pm CST – 3pm EST

Duration: 30 mins

Presented by Paul Miller, VEO Founder. – 
Providing feedback on extended learner performance can be challenging. VEO makes it easy to do so through a customizable tagging and annotation system. For example, imagine giving feedback on a presentation in the target language. With VEO, you can direct learners attention to particular places in the video and provide feedback on performance through tags or annotations on the video. Similarly, recorded interactions with a language tutor can be tagged and commented highlighting strong areas or areas in need of improvement. VEO founder, Paul Miller, gave a brief overview of how the tagging functions can support language learning in Flagship programs, create student cohort profiles and provide user-generated data feedback. The webinar also lay out pathways for instructors to partner in a blended learning pilot with the Tech Center.

Webcasts Link: https://vimeo.com/311988972

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