FEBRUARY 15, 2019

10am Hawaii – 12pm PST – 1pm MST – 2pm CST – 3pm EST

Duration: 15 mins

Presented by Floyd Palmer, Portland State University


This presentation will start with general information about the process of language death, as well as the factors that can contribute to the death of language, and UNESCO’s classification of the different degrees of endangerment. Next, an example of dying language, Aleutian, will be presented as this is an endangered language in both the United States and Russian Federation. There are currently efforts underway to save at least one dialect of this language in the United States. This is happening on St. Paul Island, Alaska, and is being carried out by the organization Where Are Your Keys (WAYK).


Под угрозой исчезновения – Under the threat of extinction
На грани исчезновения – On the edge of extinction
Жизнеспособность – Vitality
Оживление – Revival 


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