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This simulation demonstrates how multimodality and innovative technologies can be leveraged to create a blended learning experience that emulates the process of job application and onboarding in the context of an international corporation, Green Ideas Inc.. The project culminates in an authentic public event – Ignite Green Ideas – where participants give individual speech centered on their professional and personal connection to the company’s core value: Sustainability.

Simulations have immense potential to engage students in memorable project-based language learning experiences. First launched in Fall 2018, this Korean blended learning simulation is designed and developed by the Technology Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Korean Language Flagship Program at the University of Hawai‘i. It provides a virtual experience built around a fictitious business, Green Ideas, Inc., immersing students in highly contextualized language learning scenarios.

This simulation experience is mandatory to Korean Flagship pre-capstone students who plan to join the one-year overseas program at Korea University in the following academic year and comprises two parts: the Application Module and the Onboarding Module.

The Application Module takes the students through a job application process, which includes submitting a job application form and participating in a job interview with Green Ideas, Inc. staff and may culminate in an internship contract.

The Onboarding Module includes hands-on Korean workplace culture learning and intensive training of public speech skills. The embedded tasks aim to help students build a repertoire of strategies to tackle complex and high-stakes situations that require sophisticated professional language and a deep understanding of the Korean business culture. The Onboarding Module culminates in Ignite Green Ideas, a public speech event open to both online and face-to-face audience.

Ignite Green Ideas wraps up a semester of work on public speaking and Korean language for professionals. The inaugural event on November 29th featured a keynote presentation in Korean by Professor Tae-Ung Baik of the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Six students from the University of Hawai‘i Korean Flagship program shared their passion and ideas on sustainable development.

Instructional Design Highlights

The creation of this simulation followed an iterative process of design and development that included consultation with faculty and graduate student assistants. The main instructional resource for this projects consists of a realistic company website which provides the context for all interactions. The website includes a new employee section with information about public speaking. The design process also included the construction of a teachers’ guide to aid implementation.


Design and Development of the learning module
The different phases of the Learner's experience during the simulation.
Wireframe of the website for Green Ideas Korean. Menu includes "About Us", "Areas of Business", "Green Consulting", "Marketing Services", "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Join Us".
Naiyi Xie Fincham

Naiyi Xie Fincham

Project Lead

Naiyi has a PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology and extensive experience in designing, implementing and evaluating online language courses catering for various learner needs. Naiyiʼs research interests include language learnersʼ self-regulated learning in online and blended learning environments.

Sang Yee Cheon

Sang Yee Cheon

Associate Professor, University of Hawaii

Sang Yee has a PhD in Linguistics and is the Director of the Korean Language Flagship Center, University of Hawaii. Sang Yeeʼs research interests include Korean Phonology and Phonetics, Second Language Acquisition and Content-Based Instruction.

Leeseul Park

Leeseul Park

Learning Design Assistant

Leeseul is a PhD candidate in the Department of East Asian Literature and Languages at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM). She has been teaching a variety of Korean courses and she is currently engaged in instructional technology and materials development at the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center at UHM.

Green Ideas Badge

Green Ideas, Inc. awards the Communicator badge in the simulation project.



This badge certifies that a participant has completed the Job Application Module and Onboarding Module the Fall 2018 “Green Ideas, Inc.” simulation project.


  • Completed and submitted the job application form.
  • Participated in the job interview with Green Ideas, Inc. staff.
  • Completed the Workplace Culture Training and all the assessments.
  • Completed the Public Speaking Skills Training and all the activities.
  • Completed the individual presentation at the Ignite Green Ideas Talk event.


Ignite Green Ideas presentation PowerPoint link.

2018 Green Ideas Korean Badge

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