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Ivan Crewkov

Ivan Crewkov


Co-Founder & CEO: Ivan Crewkov

Primary Audience: Elementary, Pre-schoolers – kids 4-10

We are building a voice-based AI tutor of English as a foreign language for kids. Our mobile app helps children practice their spoken English by conversing with a virtual AI-powered cartoon character — Buddy the robot. With its engaging virtual character, speech technology, and adaptive learning, Buddy is making speaking practice affordable for 500 million children around the globe by automating the mundane 80% of tutoring work at 2% of the cost. This enables teachers and parents to give kids unlimited speaking practice, essential for mastering English. The company is based in San Francisco, backed by venture capital, and has a global audience of over 20 thousand paying students.

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1890 East West Road

Moore Hall 256

Honolulu, HI 96822

(808) 956-5121

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