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The three-course series was authored by Dr. Sonia Shiri and Dr. Abdessamad M’barki with instructional design and technology support from the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center. The project encompassed three years: the first year focused on online course design and development; the second year on running a pilot at the University of Arizona (UA) in hybrid mode and making revisions; and the third year on piloting the revised content in online mode. As more input and suggestions are gathered from students and faculty,  further revisions will be made, and enhancement and supplementary content will be developed.

Level 1

The Level 1 course is a shortened version of the Level 2 course, retaining the most essential topics, lessons, and activities that can be completed in approximately 1 week. It is designed to meet the urgent learning needs of those learners who need to acquire the basic knowledge and skills of Darija in a short time. This course contains 10 basic lessons preceded by introductory materials that address the relationship of Moroccan Arabic (Darija) to Modern Standard Arabic. Each lesson contains a list of useful vocabulary and structures on Quizlet for self-paced learning, listening comprehension based on authentic video materials, and a speaking assessment. The course is intended to be used in the blended/hybrid format and can be completed in either self-study or instructor-facilitated mode.

Level 2

The Level 2 course is designed to be a 3-credit instructor-facilitated course that aims at introducing learners to the variety of Arabic spoken in Morocco and the culture of the country. The course is organized around seven specific modules. The modules are intended to prepare learners to communicate in a variety of contexts identified as important while living and studying in Morocco.

Participants learn how to understand, discuss, and reflect on the themes of the course at a basic level using a variety of technology-enhanced materials. The course is intended to be used in the blended/hybrid format. This means that learning materials and assignments that are available online will be combined with instructor-led interactive sessions, whether online or in-person. Homework will be assigned in advance of the class and students are expected to be fully prepared to participate in activating the language through role play and discussions in class.

Level 3

The Level 3 (Advanced) Darija course focuses on the same seven themes that are covered in the Level 2 course and draws learners’ attention to nuances of linguistic and cultural knowledge of Moroccan Arabic, and provides opportunities for learners to speak Darija on in more complicated communicative situations. This course contains 14 lessons split over seven modules and is designed to be a 3-credit instructor-facilitated course.

This course was created with support from The Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center. The development of this course was funded under a grant from the Institute of International Education (IIE), acting as the administrative agent of the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) for The Language Flagship.

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